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            Guide to Application for Foreign High-level Talents Qualification

            发布时间:2020年09月17日 16:49


            Guide to Application for Foreign High-level Talents Qualification 


            u Applicable Objects

            l Basic Requirements for Employers

            1. Employers shall be established by law with actual business premises, pay taxes and social insurances according to law, without serious illegal and dishonest acts; the employment of foreigners shall be for special needs and the appropriate candidates are in short supply domestically in China, while the post doesn’t violate any government regulations; the salary or remuneration for those foreigners shall not be lower than the local minimum wage.

            2. For pre-approval by the industry competent authority by law, it shall be approved.


            l Basic Requirements for Applicants

            1. Capable applicants shall have a clearly-defined employer in China and shall be at least 18 years old in good health and without criminal record.  

            2. Capable applicants who come to Shanghai for scientific and technological cooperation, academic exchanges or starting a business shall meet the provisions in Recognition Standards of Foreign High-level Talents.

            3. If there are otherwise provisions in relevant laws and regulations, those provisions shall be followed.


            u Legal Basis

            Implementing Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the Systems and Mechanisms for Talent Development and Speeding up the Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center with Global Influence (No. 19 [2016] of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee) issued by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. 

            u Standards for Documents Provided

            1. Non-Chinese credentials shall be translated into Chinese and stamped with the official seal of the employer (except for passports and international travel certificates).

            2. All of the original paper documents should be submitted at the reception window for verification.

            3. All the copies of the documents required should be stamped with the official seal of the employer.

            u Documents Required

            1. The employer’s legal registration proof.

            2. Official letter for application issued by the employer to Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

            3. Application Form of Foreign High-level Talents Qualification

            Please fill it out in Chinese, personally. If he/she can’t fill it out in Chinese, please fill it in Chinese by the employer and confirm and sign it by the talent him/herself; submit the A4 paper document and electronic version including ID photo (3.3cm*4.8cm), bareheaded and full-face; the electronic version can be submitted in disc or emailed to gccrd@sgst.cn 

            4. Copy of valid passport: Information page of the passport or of the international travel certificate.

            5. Those who apply for work residence permit (with Talent option) should submit employment contract or employment certificate; those who apply for R visa should submit the copy of intent employment agreement of the employer or the copy of invitation letter of the inviter.

            6. Copy of documents proving his/her meeting one of the provisions in Recognition Standards of Foreign High-level Talents.  

             (1) Foreign high-end talents: should submit the Work Permit for Foreigners (Category A); those whose “average salary income is no less than 6 times the social average salary income of the previous year in Shanghai” should also submit the tax payment certificate of the previous year.

            (2) Well-known scholars and experts: Certificates of award or program winner are required; those experts who hold leadership or important positions in foreign government agencies, well-known international organizations or NGOs should provide employment certificate.  

             (3) Technological innovation talents: Those experts and scholars who hold deputy senior or higher titles (positions) or major leadership positions in the units of education, scientific research, press and publication, sports, health and others in Shanghai or who enjoy the same treatment in these units should submit the employment letter or certificate of deputy senior and higher professional technical titles (positions) or the proof of appointment for professional and technical positions of deputy senior level or above (enjoying the same treatment) issued by the employer; the foreign core members of the team undertaking major national or municipal programs, and those of the leading team in scientific research and innovation, should submit the proofs of the program undertaken and certificate of core members; those key foreign researchers, foreign engineers and other sci-tech talents who are well equipped with professional knowledge and practical competence, and work in the core team of scientific and technological innovation enterprises should submit  professional competence credentials and certificate of core members; certificates of those high-tech enterprises and sci-tech little giant enterprises are required; those who start a business in Shanghai (with registered capital generally no less than US$ 200,000, personal shares no less than 30%, and as the largest shareholder) should submit investment proofs such as enterprise capital verification report (with registered capital paid in) issued within 12 months and independent intellectual property rights or proprietary technologies such as major technological inventions, patents, etc. if there is any; those talents that meet other recognition standards of this category should submit relevant certification documents.   

            (4) Enterprise talents: The approval certificates issued by relevant commercial departments to headquarters of multinational companies in Shanghai, R&D centers, investment companies, foreign-invested companies encouraged in Shanghai, foreign-invested advanced technology companies, or foreign-invested product export companies are required; the capital verification report (with registered capital paid in) and other supporting documents issued within 12 months are required for those enterprises with registered capital no less than US$3 million and those private enterprises; certification documents issued by relevant departments at national or municipal level are required for those enterprise engineering research centers (identified by the development and reform department), engineering labs (identified by the development and reform department), engineering technology research centers (identified by the science and technology department), enterprise technology centers (identified by the industry and information technology department), and Shanghai technical innovation service platforms (identified by the science and technology department); for those who have special expertise and outstanding professional competence, and those senior technicians urgently needed in Shanghai, certificates and proofs of relevant competence are required.  

            (5) Young talents: should submit certificates of doctorate (degree).

            7. Letter of commitments by the employer and the employee.

            8. Other documents: Documents provided as required by the reception authority or the decision-making authority.  

            u Notes

            1. The reception authority or the decision-making authority may request the employer to submit corrected version if there is any discrepancy between the Chinese translation and the original.

            2. Policy Release

            For policies, guides, and some sample forms and commitments for Foreigner’s Work Permit, please refer to the website of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs at http://shafea.sh.gov.cn and the website of Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform at http://www.496768.com

            3. Those professional service agencies authorized shall submit the Letter of Authorization of the employer, in which the authorized entity, the authorized person and his/her ID number and telephone number, and the authorized matters shall be clearly specified. That is, the professional service agency, the authorized person and the corresponding authorized matters shall be clearly specified.

            u Procedures

            1. The employer submits an application for recognition to the reception authority, providing application documents as required.

            2. The reception authority will decide whether to accept the application after reviewing. The application documents, which are all provided as required and meet the requirements, will be accepted and issued Acceptance Notice on Qualification Recognition of Shanghai Foreign High-level Talents. If the application documents are incomplete or fail to meet the requirements, the handler should be informed immediately at the reception window and, after being corrected or supplemented as required, the application documents will be accepted.

            3. Within 5 working days from the date of acceptance, the reception authority will review the documents and, if eligible, submit them to Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs for review.

            4. The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs will review and make a decision within 10 working days upon receiving the documents. If approval is granted, a Recommendation Letter for Shanghai Foreign High-level Talents’ Handling Entry and Exit will be issued. If no approval is granted, the reasons thereof shall be given.  

            u Examination and Approval Period

            1. Preliminarily review period:

            Five working days (after the original paper documents are confirmed at the reception window)

            2. Review period:

            Ten working days

            In case of special circumstances requiring an extension of time limit, the reception authority or the decision-making authority shall handle the matter as appropriate.

            u Reception Way and Time

            l Reception Way

            Reception at the window

            Reception Department: Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform (Shanghai Scientific and Technological Talents Development Center / Shanghai Service Center for Foreigners Working in China)

            Address: 1F 77 Meiyuan Road Jing’an District

                    3F 1500 Minsheng Road Pudong New Area

            l Reception Time


            Window reception time:

            Monday to Thursday

            9:00-11:30    13:30-17:00


            9:00-11:30    13:30-15:00


            Number taking time:

            Monday to Thursday

            8:45-11:15   13:15-16:45


            8:45-11:15   13:15-14:45

            This Guide is made and executed in multi languages. In case of any discrepancy between Chinese and the foreign languages, the Chinese version shall prevail.





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